Mini Truck Parts Supplier

We have twenty five years of experience supplying quality auto parts for Japanese vehicles to our customer’s satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for Daihatsu Hijet parts or Mitsubishi Minicab parts, you won’t be disappointed with the wide array of high-quality mini truck parts that we have for you to select from.

Japanese mini truck parts are not as costly as one might think. Our new and used parts are of exceptional quality and affordable so that you can keep your mini truck in prime operating condition. There’s no need to wait for parts from overseas to be shipped to your door. We have all the parts you can think of for any mini truck: Honda Acty parts, Kia Metro Towner parts, and Subaru Sambar parts. We try our best to keep a large array of items in our warehouse ready for shipping. Our parts department makes it easy for you to find exactly the part you’re looking for.

Our Staff has been trained in the installation and servicing of these mini trucks so they can answer any question you may have. They can answer questions regarding routine maintenance on your mini truck, including the installation of replace parts, or specifications for rebuilding an engine. We aim to make it easy for you to keep your mini truck running without the hassle of ordering expensive parts from Japan.

We stock a custom lift kit that fits four different Minitruck brands. We spent a great deal of time locating Cushman White Truck parts. Our salvage yard has a large variety of items. It won’t be hard to find a Suzuki Carry part in our stock.

We care about the state of your mini truck, and are dedicated to making it affordable and easy for you to keep it in working order. Consider us the next time you need Mitsubishi Minicab parts, or some tips on helping your mini truck run more smoothly. We’re experts in the field who know exactly what you need for your mini truck to be at its best.


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